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Tortle Midliner shown on infant doll

Tortle Midliner Head Positioner

The Tortle Head positioner was created by a Neonatologist to address challenges with head positioning to address IVH protocols and better secure respiratory devices such as Flexitrunk.


  • Crucial part of your IVH bundle, as it allows you to position and hold small babies (< 1500 g) in a variety of neutral, midline positions
  • Requires less manipulation than most devices on the market and removes the need for adjustments
  • Hospital staff members can easily:
    • perform head ultrasounds and x-rays, continuously monitor EEG and NIRS and place scalp IV’s
    • Holds infants’ head in a neutral position through respiratory support, placement of central lines and medical transport
Categories: Developmental Care, Neonatal Head Positioner, Neonatal Nursing Practitioner, Respiratory