Our Manufacturing Partners


CODAN’s core business is the manufacturing and sale of IV Sets and accessories for both infusion and transfusion therapy. CODAN Label Products are a full line of sterile IV Sets and accessories known for outstanding quality and an excellent record of on-time delivery.

DeNovo Products

The founders of DeNovo Products have been in the medical manufacturing industry for more than 25 years. We offer products for the Hospital industry in Anesthesia, Pre-Op, the O.R., Neonatal, Labor and Delivery, Recovery, and Ambulatory care.

DRW Medical logo

DRW Medical

DRW Medical specializes in the creation and manufacture of NICU devices that enhance patient care and safety.  Our product portfolio has grown to include products designed for use with BCPAP, HHNHF, and suctioning.

Neotech Products logo

Neotech Products, LLC

Over the past three decades, Neotech has emerged as an essential brand in NICUs around the world. We’ve also widened our footprint to include medical devices for the PICU, children’s oncology, and home health markets. Our groundbreaking products benefit both patients and clinicians as we focus on Making a Difference… In the NICU, PICU and Beyond.

Nissha Medical Technologies logo

Nissha Medical Technologies

Nissha Medical Technologies | Healthcare Solutions is the ORIGINAL chart paper manufacturer and most diverse producer of electrodes for all departments in the hospital. The company got its start producing disposable ECG electrodes and has expanded its line to now include other medical products such as custom medical sensors, novel neonatal sensors, defibrillation pads, and tens electrodes. 


Precision Medical

Precision Medical, Inc. is a global leader in respiratory devices and medical fittings, helping healthcare facilities and homecare industries in more than 50 countries around the world achieve positive patient outcomes. Its innovative and lightweight product lines include oxygen regulators, aspirators, air compressors, and flowmeters.



SunMed is a leader in medical device manufacturing, offering one of the most comprehensive portfolios of consumable anesthesia and respiratory care products. Our products are designed by clinicians for clinicians, with a focus on patient safety and comfort.

Tortle Products, LLC

Tortle Products, LLC, founded by Board Certified Pediatrician and Neonatologist Dr. Jane Scott in 2012, manufactures the innovative Tortle repositioning beanie, a patented FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device. The Tortle is a cotton repositioning beanie that aids in the prevention and treatment of Flat Head Syndrome.

Trademark Medical

Trademark Medical was founded in 1976 with the primary mission of developing and marketing unique medical device solutions for caregivers as well as patients.

We serve various clinical disciplines and span the continuum of provider care from the operating room, critical care unit, physician office and clinic to nursing homes and at-home care.

WarriorNP logo


WarriorNP started with the heart of one nurse practitioner that recognized a core problem within the neonatal and pediatric industry — the innovation of medical devices and products has become stagnant, leaving medical professionals with inadequate and unsafe methods of care. With over 20 years of first-hand experience, WarriorNP has a vision to equip and empower every NICU and PICU worldwide with innovative, patient-first medical devices and products. The mission is to relentlessly resolve and raise the safety and quality standards through exceptionally made survival tools.