NEW: Airway Pressure Monitoring for Neonates

When you can MEASURE it, you can MANAGE it.

The NAPA LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitor is a compact device that continuously measures and monitors mean airway pressure in neonatal patients being treated with constant positive airway pressure therapies such as Bubble CPAP (BCPAP) and Nasal High Flow (NHF).

  • Ensure constant positive airway pressure with disconnect alarm
  • Intuitive user interface provides adjustable audio and visual high and low pressure alarms
  • Measures pressures in both open and closed systems.
  • Continuously monitors mean airway pressure to comply with AARC Clinical Guidelines for Neonatal CPAP Therapy

Tortle NICU Midliner

The FDA-cleared Tortle NICU Midliner is a simple and efficient head repositioning system that assists staff in providing optimal care during IVH protocol and also to help prevent dolichocephaly and head preference.

  • Two adjustable support rolls enable precise head positioning.
  • Securely holds all nasal CPAP interfaces and nasal cannulas including RAM
  • X-ray friendly and compatible with ventilator
  • The Tortle NICU Midliner is used for preemies up to 3.5 Kg. and can position and maintain baby’s head in supine midline, prone, and side lying positions.

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Plak-Vac® Petite Low Absorption Swab

The Plak-Vac® Petite Low Absorption swab was developed to preserve and deliver maximal oral therapy (e.g. colostrum).

The Petite LA swab is size-appropriate for even the smallest babies and features a soft, non-shedding foam head that will not lint or fray when wet, and a smooth polypropylene handle rather than wood.

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Plak-Vac Petite Oral Hygiene Kits

Plak-Vac Petite Oral Hygiene Kits are tailor-made to support the oral hygiene needs of both intubated and non-intubated babies.

Our Petite kits are configured to include choices for swabbing, cleaning, moisturizing, and suctioning the oral cavity. Organizing all components at the point-of-care enhances protocol compliance as well as adherence to infection control policies.

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NEW: NAPA LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitoring for Neonates